ICEC Researcher discusses “Feeling at home in a mixed neighbourhood”

ICEC researcher Myrte Hoekstra was interviewed by the website One World’s research section series #HoodHero about the many factors that play a role in how at home people feel in their neighbourhoods.

Using her research and one of ICEC’s case study areas of Volewijck, she speaks about aspects that can foster a positive sense of place – like memories and social networks in an area – and some things that can serve to threaten an individual’s sense of home, giving the example of urban renewal.

hoodheroShe goes on to detail some neighbourhood projects that have tried to generate a sense of belonging, and which ones have worked and which were less successful. One project uses students who live in the neighbourhood and organise projects there. This project has proven successful because students are new to the neighbourhood, but they were able to quickly gain the trust of the residents, and because they provide role models to children that might not be readily available. An example of a project that did not have the desired effect was one mostly used by a specific group and housed in a space that had previously been a neighbourhood centre used by another group, with tensions arising from the ensuing competition over this building.

You can read the full interview (in Dutch) on the research page.

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