ICEC Researcher Dr. Yvonne Franz profiled by ‘Die Presse’ newspaper

The ICEC project has hit the news in Austria! Dr. Yvonne Franz from the ICEC Vienna team has been profiled in the national newspaper Die Presse. Focusing on Yvonne’s work in the ICEC project in particular, the article talks about her research and participation in the living lab in the Hippviertel: a sewing course over six months which brought her into close contact with people living in the area.

Die Presse article about Yvonne Franz

The article is available to read in full online at the

The article originally appeared in print on 12th September 2015, but the full version can also be read online at Die

“Matznergarten”: Community Garden in Breitensee, Vienna


Matznergarden, “Growing together”, GB*

Breitensee, an area in Vienna’s Penzing (14th) district, now has its first community garden, established under the motto “Growing Together!” and with the aim of growing both plants and community relationships.

ICEC partner GB* is working together with the organisation “Gemeinschaftsgarten Matznergarten” to create a new urban space of encounter, with the first season concentrating on getting to know the neighbourhood and fostering relationships with the local population.

The Matznergarten community garden will be one of the Vienna ICEC team‘s Urban Living Labs, and an example of a bottom-up initiated space of encounter. It follows an ongoing trend in Vienna which has seen several such community gardens established in recent years.

To read more about the project or to get involved, please visits the links posted below.

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Advocate meeting: “Social Innovation Accelerators in Cities”

On 27th of June, 2014, the Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR) participated in a kick off meeting by a group of advocates for “Social Innovation Accelerators in Cities” in Berlin. The ISR at the Austrian Academy of Sciences is official member of the SEiSMiC Network in Austria and contributes knowledge and experiences in the implementation of urban living labs, as well as in identifying social innovation in onoing community-centred research. The group working on “Social Innovation Acceleratorsin Cities” includes entrepreneurs, private and public institutions from Hungary, Germany, Italy, Austria and The Netherlands. The idea is to implement “Social Innovation Factories” to empower social innovation from citizens for citizens.

If you want to find out more, please see the report on the SIAC meeting in Berlin.