Amsterdam Team

University of Amsterdam, Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies

This Institutehas a high ranking in uva-logo_encomparative urban geographical studies and maintains excellent and long-term relationships with the municipality. In the Department, special attention is paid to the research topics of spatial segregation and integration, neighbourhood effects and gentrification as well as the relationship between these issues in metropolitan areas in Europe. All these aspects will be particularly relevant for answering the main research questions of our planned project.

Sako Musterd is Professor of Urban Geography at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, and also has an appointment as a “permanent visiting professor” at the Department of Urban Studies of the University of Glasgow (UK). His current research activities are in the fields of social urban and housing issue, spatial segregation and integration, neighbourhood effects, gentrification and urbanization processes. He is one of the leading European experts in analyses of neighbourhood effects and interethnic coexistence in the local context. Recent Visiting Professorships included positions in Barcelona, Miami, Helsinki, Uppsala, Glasgow, Birmingham. He participated in and co-ordinated a range of research projects, among them many European projects, in EU framework programmes (such as URBEX, UGIS, RESTATE, ACRE, Social Polis). He also was involved in a range of European collaborations (COST Programmes, such as COST CIVITAS; COST Urban Knowledge Arena; COST Shrinking Cities). He was leader of a range of NWO (Dutch research council) funded research projects.

Myrte Hoekstra
Myrte Hoekstra graduated in 2013 with a MSc in Migration and Ethnic Relations studies at Utrecht University. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests include interethnic relations, immigration and integration policy, and comparative analysis.

Fenne M. Pinkster
Dr. Fenne M. Pinkster is assistant professor in Urban Geography at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Her research interests lie in the relationship between urban segregation and what she calls the geography of everyday life. She has studied the meaning of  neighborhoods for structuring the lives of residents and the way in which residents’ lives become embedded  in their neighborhood (or not).


Municipality of Amsterdam, City Council Amsterdam, Department of Research and Statistics (Bureau Onderzoek en Statistiek)

AMS_StatDep_nlO+S, the Department for Research and Statistics is the research facility for the Municipality of Amsterdam. Through its research O+S provides information that is helpful for designing and evaluating policy. O+S produces a number of relevant basic statistics as well as conducting sizeable surveys among the inhabitants of Amsterdam. O+S disperses extensive and up-to-date information about the city of Amsterdam, for example, in the fields of living, liveability, population and labour, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. O+S has its own Data Collection Unit and carries out assignments for, amongst others, the local government, town boroughs, municipal departments and services and the Amsterdam region. The municipality of Amsterdam commissions 90% of all assignments. Further, O+S does research for other municipalities, universities, provinces, the European Union and a number of local media institutions and companies.

The ICEC team constists of two O+S staff members:

Jeroen Johannes Maria Slot is the head of the Department for Research and Statistics. He has a degree in Urban Geography. He has a wide experience in organising and analysing surveys within a broad range of topics, including political participation, integration, housing, well-being, segregation, social cohesion and exclusion. He is responsible for the bi-annual State of the City report on Amsterdam, an extensive account of the socio-economic development of the city, partly based on large-scale survey research. He was involved in several international projects, e.g. Urban Audit, CLIP network, TOOLS and ACRE. His latest publication was on ethnic diversity and neighbourhood trust. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Statistics Netherlands and an active member in SCORUS and WAPOR.

Hester Booi is senior researcher at O+S. She has extensive experience in research on neighbourhood development and welfare and housing. She has designed and tested several large-scale surveys, including different approaches to the operationalization of the concept of social cohesion.