Urban Living Labs

What is the ICEC Urban Living Lab?

The ICEC Urban Living Lab is a space of encounter within a neighbourhood where the community meets, learns and collaborates as part of their daily life and environment. These spaces provide the opportunity for us to engage with the community and to gain insights in their perception of local policy measures, neighbourhood identity and neighbourhood embeddedness.

Why Urban Living Labs in the ICEC project?

The project analyses the impact of local policy measures on the interethnic coexistence in super-diverse neighbourhoods. This implies that research has to go where the measures and activities take place. For that reason, ICEC created a concept for urban living labs that focus on socially-oriented research questions. We aim at an authentic integration of research in the community by the help of local stakeholders without creating artificial lab conditions.

Winter Closing Event in the community space “Herbststraße”, Vienna

Winter Closing Event in the community space “Herbststraße”, Vienna

Where can you find ICEC Urban Living Labs?

The ICEC Urban Living Labs are being implemented in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vienna. They may all look different according to the local preconditions and needs. However, they are based on a common framework and understanding on our aims and what we wish to achieve with the ICEC Urban Living Labs.

For instance, in Vienna you can meet our project team in a community space called “Herbststraße” in the 16th district where the weekly sewing course, cooking course or consultation about tenancy law provides opportunities to engage with the local community. In the coming months we are planning another ICEC Urban Living Lab as part of the weekly market in the 6th district and one as part of a urban gardening project in the 14th district.