Project Kick Off: ICEC has been starting its work on neighbourhood policies

In september 2013, the ICEC poject team met for its first live meeting in Vienna. Since then, team members in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vienna have been working on the identification and selection of case study neighbourhoods.

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Viennese case studies

For the Viennese ICEC study, we have chosen three neighbourhood case studies in three different districts[1], namely “Gumpendorf” in Mariahilf, 6th district, “Breitensee” in Penzing, 14th district and the “Hippviertel” in Ottakring, 16th district of Vienna[2].


Interethnic Coexistence in European Cities (ICEC)

International research has shown that urban neighbourhoods are still important arenas of social interactions and places of interethnic coexistence. Super-diversity in the neighbourhood is a micro­cosm, mirroring problem constellations at the city scale. Yet problems within diversity-shaped neigh­bourhoods require locally determined solutions. Thus, municipal policies have increasingly taken a territorial focus when addressing social and integration problems through neighbourhood-based initiatives. 

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